Success Stories

Parent Testimonials:

Let me try to thank you for what you have done for my family. Some things go beyond what words can say, and this is one of those times. My beautiful, brilliant, perfect daughter had a massive breakdown. Her father and I prided ourselves on being involved and aware of what our children were feeling and doing. We were completely blindsided when our 15 year old daughter came and said she was unable to handle her feelings. She had been suffering from an early age and covering up with her intellect. She was taking out how she felt on herself. We were devastated and desperate. There is no defined road to take when you find yourself needing mental health help. We have a psychiatrist that we trust and it wasn’t enough. We tried many things (things that didn’t work) before we were introduced to Kelly. I was leery at first because I was unsure who I could trust. She came recommended by our therapist. We met and started our journey to wellness. We started with a wilderness program. I still was in denial that my daughter needed a higher level of care. Kelly kept in constant contact and acted as an intermediary with the wilderness people and spokesperson for us. Half way through the program it became obvious more was needed and Kelly acted immediately and got us in to a life-saving residential treatment center that was perfect for our daughter and perfect for our family. Kelly had taken the time to know us and know what would work and fit our family. She stayed with us the entire time my daughter was in treatment. Our daughter is home and thriving. We have all learned so much. It is a family journey. We have Kelly to thank for helping us make our family whole again. She will help you. If you find yourself needing someone to lead you into and out of this very difficult time Kelly is your person. We are forever grateful. – Diane, The Woodlands, TX

Kelly’s support during the placement and transitional process has been invaluable. We will never be able to express enough gratitude to you for the transformational miracle we have seen in our son. The care and thoughtfulness we encountered time and again from the team has humbled us and we will be forever grateful. Thank you for doing your job with faithfulness and seeing us through to a perfect result…My wife and I cannot say enough how deeply appreciative we are to all who have worked to make this dream a reality. We are very excited about this amazing success for our son. He finally has become the young man we all knew was waiting to emerge. His transition is an overwhelming victory for him and we are so proud of how hard he fought to make it a reality.” – Stephen, Colorado Springs, CO

I found out that my 17 year old son was using drugs when we took his girlfriend to the emergency room due to a drug overdose.  I had no idea that he was using oxycotton and heroin.  He was in his Senior year, attending school and playing on the baseball team.  I was in shock, desperate for a solution and knew that I had to get help immediately.  I had no idea where to turn and in my worst dreams had never imagined needing a drug rehab for my son.  Kelly Ryan was responsive and helped me to accept the circumstances, evaluate the options, and worked with my son to agree to go to treatment.  She gave me the courage needed to see the situation for what it was, a serious “wake up” call!  He graduated from high school, completed treatment, and his first year of college.  He is sober, happy, and helps other young adults stay sober, one day at a time!” Tracy T, Denver, CO

“Wow. I am so grateful that God put each person in this “recovery chain” in our lives. I don’t think for a minute that this was a random thing. God has a plan for our child that is now slowly being revealed and I cannot wait to see what happens from here. While I know there may be some bumps along the way once he transitions home, we are all much better at assertive communication and have a large support system to help us work through it. I will forever be grateful for your counsel through all of this, and for sometimes just being there to listen and reassure me that things could get better if I just trusted in the process.” – Cassie, Houston, TX

“I became a client of Kelly with the expectation that she could set my dropout twice-exceptional teenager on a path to happiness and college. The path is, to say the least, far more complex than I expected.  Kelly had the depth of experience that was needed to cope and adapt to some stressful twists and turns. Moreover, the more I do the self-development work that Kelly recommended, the more I find my relationship with my teen, as well as my other children, becoming more open and honest and, in turn, more satisfying.” – Jay, Boston, MA

“We can’t thank you enough, Kelly!!! Truly!!! I feel like there are no adequate words to let you know how much we appreciated your guidance during that unbelievably trying time in our lives. I know that our child is going to make it and do really well in life!!! I am sure that we are still going to have challenges, but hopefully they will fall in the realm of “normal” now.” – Sarah, Steamboat Springs, CO

“Thank you Kelly. We appreciate all of your guidance and assistance in helping bring our family back together.  You have certainly be an integral part of our journey. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.” – Chris, Denver, CO

“You have done so much for us, and I can’t begin to thank you for how you have changed the course of our family’s lives.” – Julie, Dallas, TX


Professional Testimonials:

Kelly Ryan, LMFT is a consummate professional with the highest integrity and concern for the people she serves. I have known Ms. Ryan for many years and her knowledge of the vast array of treatment resources and educational programs across the country is unmatched.  In my experience, she has always been thorough in determining the educational and placement needs of students and outlining the best options and approaches for families. Ms. Ryan is a competent Educational Consultant and is respected by her peers and professionals across the service spectrum. When it comes to coordinating plans and assisting families with managing the challenges and opportunities associated with teens and young adults, Ms. Ryan has their best interest at heart.” – Matt Feehery, CEO Memorial Hermann, Prevention and Recovery Center

Kelly Ryan has a heart of gold and is truly dedicated to helping addicts and there families heal the wounds caused by addiction and or mental health. Her Compassion and generosity are apparent in everything she does. I would trust Kelly with any of my loved ones!” – Robert Martinez, CEO Gift of Recovery

“I have been associated with Kelly Ryan for the past two decades. Kelly brings broad perspective and keen insight into her consulting, grounded on her training as a clinician and her many years working with programs. Her natural compassion and desire to serve others leads her to establish an effective working relationship with her clients quickly and earn their trust. Kelly has extensive knowledge of therapeutic programming, which, combined with her ability to assess the needs of her clients, allows her to make accurate recommendations to appropriately address those needs. I would trust Kelly without reservation to advise me regarding my own family members.” – Gil Hallows, Executive Director, Legacy Outdoor Adventures