3 reasons why we’re different.

  1. Guidance: Parents want to provide the best environment for their children. This environment is a place where their child can be successful in school, establish positive peer relationships and grow to develop their unique strengths. We pride ourselves with the knowledge and experience it takes to lead families down the right path. Our goal is to educate you with options and help provide choices for optimum solutions for your child to start thriving today. GPS provides objective and professional direction that is individualized to each family.
  2. Purpose: GPS supports families in identifying their goals and values to evaluate what is important to them. As a team, we begin to build awareness of the family’s strengths and areas of growth. We develop a plan that begins to restore, renew, and heal families.
  3. Solution: GPS will assist families with recommendations and provide a solution that is unique to their child’s needs and family circumstances.

Kelly Ryan, LMFT has a long history of representing therapeutic programs including wilderness therapy, residential treatment, therapeutic boarding schools, recovery and transition programs for teens and young adults. Kelly loves working directly with families and has a passion for working with adolescents and young adults. She brings a great deal of expertise and depth of experience to families in providing guidance through the evaluation, assessment and placement process.