4th Quarter 2015 Activities

Denver Based Program Visits

10/6/15: Open Sky: Tracy Hopkins and Tony Issenman

10/7/15: Accelerated Schools: Jane Queen and Marianna Bagge

10/7/15: Cascade Crest Transitions: Sean Fievet and Sarah Casson

10/7/15: Red Cliff Ascent: Eric Fawson and Chad Balagna

10/8/15: New Life House: James Voaklander

10/8/15: Elements Wilderness Program: Neal Christensen

10/8/15: Vive

10/8/15: Living Well Transitions

10/9/15: Pacific Quest: John Souza

10/14/15: Innerchange Inc: Jennifer Steiner

Conference and Workshop Attendance

10/8-10/10/15: YATA Conference: Young Adult, Boulder, CO

10/20/15: Adolescent Cannabis Use: Implications and Treatment Recommendations, Jennifer Golick, LMFT

11/4-11/8/15: National IECA Conference: Scottsdale, AZ. Outreach and meetings with residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, and wilderness programs.

12/1-12/14/15: Brazil: John of God, spiritual quest


3rd Quarter 2015 Activities

Denver Based Program Visits

7/15/15: CERTS, Sheila Zelvin

7/15/15: Living Well Transitions, Marti Weiskopf

7/20/15: Sandstone Care, Rick McKenzie

8/4/15: CRC Health, Diane Sanders

8/4/15: Keystone Treatment Center, Rod Bowder

8/6/15: Wasatch Academy, Erin Nester

8/19/15: Cottonwood Tucson, Andy McIntyre

8/19/15: Elevations RTC, Jennifer Wilde

8/19/15: View Point Center, Chris Paegle

9/3/15: Sober College, Holly Daniels

9/15/15: Boystown, Doug Czyz

National Program Tours

7/6/15: Auldern Academy, Siler City, NC

7/6/15: Carlbrook School, South Boston, VA

7/7/15: The Discovery School of Virginia: Dillwyn, VA

7/7/15: Little Keswick, Keswick, VA

7/8/15: New Lifestyles, Winchester, VA

9/21/15: Catalyst, Brigham City Utah

9/22/15: Logan River Academy, Logan, UT

9/22/15: Uinta Academy, Wellsville, UT

9/22/15: Waterfall Canyon, Ogden, UT

9/23/15: Heritage School, Provo, UT

9/23/15: Scenic View Academy, Provo, UT


2nd Quarter 2015 Activities

Denver Based Program Visits

4/14/15: CALO, Change Academy Lake of the Ozarks: Nicole Fuglsang and Melia Moseley

4/15/15: Open Sky, Tim Mullins and Joe Wassif

4/27/15:  Pacific Quest, Mike Sullivan and Kellyn Smythe

6/2/15:   Northwest Academy: Dan Tadlock and Ramon Palacios

6/9/15:  Shadow Mountain: Jonathan DeCarlo, Michael Dinneen, Jude Rudolph

6/24/15: Solstice: Jeff Lavallee, Misty Rosier, Lanae Kimber

6/24/15: Elements Behavioral Health, Briana Severine

6/30/15: Valley Parker Hope: Donna Schwartz

Conference and Workshop Attendance

5/1/15-5/3/15: Colorado Woman to Woman Conference, Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon


1st Quarter 2015 Activities

GPS in a Flash 2015

February Blast: Valentine Greetings!

January Blast: Happy New Year!

Denver Based Program Visits

1/8/15:  PRN:  Kathleen Truillo

1/13/15:  Vive:  Willow Rubin

1/14/15:  Red Oak Recovery:  Heather Schnoebelen

1/20/15:  Elements Behavioral Health:  Rebecca Berg

1/21/15:  Innerchange:  Kimball Delamare

1/21/15:  Chrysalis School:  Kenny Pannell

1/29/15:  SUWS of North Carolina:  Daniel Fishburn

2/17/15:  CRC Health:  Diane Sanders

2/24/15:  Oakley School:  Paul Taylor

2/24/15:  Cottonwood Tucson, Sweetwater:  Andy McIntyre

2/25/15:  Northwest Academy:  Dan Tadlock and Ramon Palacios

National Program Tours

1/26/15:  Four Winds Ranch, Mike Boss, Guthrie, OK

2/3/15:  The Ranch, Cheryl Brown:  Tunnelly, TN

2/4/15:  The Kings Daughter School, Shauna Bryant

2/13/15:  Colorado Recovery,  Kathy Dickerson: Boulder, CO

Conference and Workshop Attendance

NATSAP (National Association Therapeutic Schools and Programs)

2/4-2/7/15:  Nashville, TN

Meetings held with these schools and programs:

Catalyst:  Seth Geisler

Crossroads:  Sam Dahlin

Innercept:  David Melear

Heritage School:  Ernie Taylor

Red Cliff Ascent:  Eric Fawson

Elements Wilderness Program:  Neal Christensen

WinGate Wilderness Program:  Scott Hess

New Visions Wilderness Program:  James Nippert

Outback Wilderness Program:  Rick Meeves

Pacific Quest:  Brian Konik

Brightstone Transitions:  Jason Cox

Daniels Academy:  Shane Whiting

New Haven:  John Stewart

Fulshear Transitions:  Nikki Preece

Valley View School:  Rick Bulger

The Meadows:  Patty Evans

Hazelden Betty Ford:  Jessica Wong

Cardinal Cushing Centers:  Michelle Markowitz

Latham Centers:  Susan LaPlant

Genesee Lake School:  Stephanie Koster Peterson

Aim House:  Jude Rudolph

Pasadena Villa:  Tom Maisel


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