News and Events – 2013

Program Tours

September 12
PCH Treatment Center of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
Promises Young Adult Program, Los Angeles, CA

September 11
Optimum Performance Institute (OPI), Woodlands Hills, CA
Sober College, Woodlands Hills, CA
Visions, Malibu, CA

June 21
Timberline Knolls Tour, Lemont, IL

Professional Development Workshops

September 10
Kelly spoke at Admissions and Marketing Symposium for National Recovery Programs, Los Angeles, CA.

September 5
Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council (OBHIC) Symposium Reception, Boulder, CO

August 16
Presentation by Kelly Ryan to Arapahoe County Truancy Task Force

August 13
Diagnosis and Treatment of Major Depression in Adolescence, David L Fogelson, MD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and The Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA

July 19
Gold Lake, CO, Two Rivers Breaking parent-child enmeshment, National Author, Krissy Pozatek; Internet and Video Addiction National Author, Hilarie Cash

GPS Family Consulting 2nd Quarter Update, 2013


April 10th-13th:  Independent Educational Consultant Association Conference (IECA), Chicago, IL

*Over 400 therapeutic programs attended who exhibited
*Great evidence based workshops and seminars attended

***I was nominated to be on therapeutic needs national committee and accepted!

GPS Family Family Consulting 1st Quarter Update, 2013


Keynote speaker Claudia Black: Addictive Families: The Legacy of Trauma

January 29th: 39th Addictive Disorders, Behavioral Health Conference: Colorado Springs, CO

Sergeant Craig Simpson: Contemporary Drug Trends

February 5th:  Link and Learn, Meet with 25 special needs programs, Newport Beach, CA

February 6th-9th: NATSAP Conference (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs) Newport Beach, CA

Program Tours:

January 6th:  Four Winds Ranch:  Guthrie, OK

February 6th:  Safe Harbor House, Costa Mesa, CA

March 19th:  Menninger Clinic, Houston, TX

March 19th:  Fulshear Ranch Academy, Needville, TX

March 20th:  Lifeway International, Houston, TX

March 20th:  Teen and Family Services, Houston, TX

Other Exciting Events:

January 22nd:  CeDar’s Annual Speaker Series:  Keynote Speaker William Cope Moyers:  Author of Broken and Now What? “Extending Further the Light of Recovery:  From the Clutches of Addictive Disease to the Freedom of Recovery – An Insider’s View”  Greenwood Village, CO