News and Events – 2012

Program Tours:

October 10th:  Aim House:  Boulder, CO
October 11th:  Insight Intensive at Gold Lake:  Gold Lake, CO
October 11th:  Living Well Transitions:  Boulder, CO

December 12th:  Red Cliff Ascent:  Enterprise, UT

December 12th:  Moonridge Academy, Cedar City, UT

December 13th:  Ashcreek Academy:  Toquerville, UT

December 13th:  Lava Heights Academy:  Toquerville, UT

December 13th:  Sojourn Academy, Washington, UT

December 14th:  At The Crossroads:  St. George, UT

Other Exciting Events:

November 5th:  28th Annual Community CARE Breakfast:  Dallas, TX

Featuring:  David Sheff:  Author of Beautiful Boy and Nic Sheff:  Author of Tweak.

GPS Family Family Consulting 3rd Quarter Update, 2012

September, 20th:  Wilderness Symposium:  Boulder, CO

Program Tours:
July 30th:  Alpine Academy:  Erda, UT
July 30th:  Synergy Youth Treatment:  Cornish, UT
July 30th:  Logan River Academy:  Logan, UT
July 31st:  Uinta Academy:  Wellsville, UT
July 31st:  Catalyst Residential Treatment:  Brigham City, UT
July 31st:  Waterfall Canyon Academy:  Ogden, UT
July 31st:  Crossroads Academy:  Ogden, UT
August 1st:  Solstice:  Layton, UT
August 1st:  La Europa Academy:  Murray, UT
August 1st:  Eva Carlston:  Salt Lake City, UT
August 2nd:  New Roads Treatment Center:  Provo, UT
August 2nd:  Maple Lake Academy:  Spanish Fork, UT
August 13th:  Montcalm Schools:  Albion, MI
September 10th:  Intermountain:  Helena, MT
September 10th:  Ventures in Peace:  Lolo, MT
September 11th:  Wilderness Treatment Center:  Marion, MT
September 11th:  Summit Preparatory School:  Kalispel, MT
September 11th:  Chrysalis:  Eureka, MT
September 11th:  Schrom’s Boys Home:  Bonner’s Ferry, ID
September 12th:  Monarch School:  Heron, MT
September 12th:  Northwest Academy, Bonner’s Ferry, ID
September 12th:  Focus Point Program:  Coeur D Alene, UT

GPS Family Consulting, LLC – Second Quarter Update 2012

May 18th: Codependency: A Healthy Human Response to Attachment Injury and Chronic Stress, Dallas, TX


April 12th-13th: 2012 Healing Trauma, Creating Attachment Conference: Sponsored by Change Academy of the Ozarks (CALO), Innerchange, New Visions Wilderness Program, Lake Ozark, MO

April 19th-21st: 10th Las Vegas Conference on Adolescents and Young Adults: US Journal Training, Inc., Las Vegas, NV

May 2nd-5th: ECA (Independent Educational Consultant Association) Conference Boston, MA

Other Exciting Events:

April 25th: Humanex Academy Resource Fair, Denver, CO
April 25th: Network Luncheon sponsored by Menninger, Roger’s Memorial Hospital, Pasadena Villa, and Assistance in Recovery (AIR), Denver, CO
May 17th: 17th Anniversary Celebrating Recovery of Alumni and Friends Banquet, Dallas, TX
May 18th: APRA (Addiction Professional Resource Alliance) Network Luncheon, Dallas, TX
June 18th:  Shadow Mountain, Taos, NM
June 18th:  San Cristobal Treatment Center, Taos, NM
June 19th:  Sandhill Child Development Center:  Los Lunas, NM
June 20th:  High Frontier:  Fort Davis, TX

GPS Family Consulting, LLC – First Quarter Update 2012


January12th-13th, Phoenix, AZ:
Second Nature Wilderness Program sponsored a clinical workshop on these topics

-Teens in Turmoil:
Addressing the Paradoxical Needs of Disrupted Development
-12 Steps • 7 Challenges • 4 agreements – 1 Goal
-Exploring Sexuality:
Assessing and Treating Sexual Issues in Adolescent Females
-Pornography Addiction:
The Psychological and Relational Impact of Cybersex
-Self Meets Self:
Using Experiential and Metaphoric Therapies in Wilderness
-Coming Home:
Transition and Support When Treatment gets Tested
-Don’t Just Do Something:“Sit There!” 
Helping Parents Communicate Effectively with their Child
-What Changes in Wilderness Therapy:
Moving Beyond Outcome
-Mean Girls Aren’t Cool: 
Female Adolescent Bullying


January 30th-February 1st:
38th Advanced International Winter Symposium:
Addictive Disorders, Behavioral Health and Mental Health, Colorado Springs, CO

Program Tours:
January 24th: Shelton School, Dallas, TX
February 17th: Freedom Center, Lakewood, CO
February 21st: College Living Experience, Denver, CO
February 21st: Accelerated Schools, Denver, CO
February 21st: Living Well Transitions, Boulder, CO
March 12th: Open Sky, Durango, CO
March 21st: Forest Heights Lodge, Evergreen, CO
March 29th: Highland Park Hospital, Highlands Ranch, CO

Other Exciting Events:

January 26th:  Denver Academy Networking Event, Denver, CO
February 29th:  Presentation to Association of Colorado Independent Schools (ACIS), Denver, CO
March 16th:  APRA (Addiction Professional Resource Alliance) Network Luncheon, Dallas, TX