News and Events –  2011

What a fantastic start to the year! I have attended some great conferences and visited many schools and programs. Each opportunity provided a unique  way to stay current with the special needs industry.

school of connection logo

January 2011 School Connections – Tucson, AZ

At this conference, I was able to meet with 18 programs individually and spend quality time getting to know the talented staff at each program. I learned about the programs student profile, admission criteria, academic, and therapeutic components. It was informative and a valuable use of time!

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January 2011 National Association of Therapeutic Schools & Programs  (NATSAP) – Tucson AZ

NATSAP provided great clinical workshops and information on the most recent research and evidenced based techniques. It was great to meet with many of the schools and programs and get an update on the innovative techniques and specialty areas they offer.

Monument Valley


February 2011 – Southern Utah Tour of Schools and Programs

I want to thank all of the ten Southern Utah programs for touring me through their schools and programs. It was an invaluable experience to be on campus, see the facility, meet the staff, and be able to interact with the students. The student’s personal journeys, struggles, and progress always touch my heart. I have tremendous admiration for their courage and ability to adapt to a “home away from home”. None of this would be possible without the dedicated professionals who work in the trenches on a daily basis to help students get back on track and reunited with their families.