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Kelly Ryan is committed to providing families with the most innovative school and program recommendations that have proven outcomes and successes. Staying up to date on the levels of care and diverse school and program options is completed each quarter by the below activities. Each quarter Kelly completes and shares her activity regarding national program and school outreach. The following list includes facility tours, conference and workshop attendance, and professional development meetings.

News and Events 2nd Quarter 2017 Activities

Denver Based School and Program Visits
National programs and schools visit Educational Consultants in the Denver area for purposes of marketing and outreach. These meetings provide a valuable way for us to keep up to date with school and program enhancements, leadership changes, student activities, and identifying the unique components for each school and program. 

4/3/17: Humanex Academy:  Judi Stein, CO
4/5/17: Ben Digati, CO
4/6/2017: Creative Counseling:  Teri Karjala, CO
4/25/17: Expand Mentoring:  Victoria Olson, CO
4/26/17: Intermountain School:  Sami Butler, MT
4/27/17: Blue Ridge Wilderness:  Emily Miranda & Danielle Hava, GA
6/13/17: Key Mentoring:  David Herz, CO
6/13/17: Pasadena Villas:  David Nissen & Jude Rudolph, FL
6/13/17: Ramah Wilderness, Jory Hanselman
6/14/17: Dragon Fly Transitions:  Mona Treadaway & Glenn White, OR

National Program Tours
Parents and families should evaluate hiring Educational Consultants who stay current with school and program options. They trust consultants to identify the best fit for their children, adolescent, or young adult. It is invaluable to be able to tour school and program campuses to recognize the specific qualities of each facility as it relates to their client’s needs. All schools and programs have a fluidity to them based on many variables. Touring schools and programs is an excellent way to stay current. 

4/25/17: Northstar Transitions, Boulder, CO

National Conferences, Workshops, and Seminars
Kelly Ryan, founder of GPS Family Consulting is committed to attending national conferences, workshops, and seminars that are designed for Educational Consultants and the special needs industry in general. Kelly strives to understand the most recent evidenced based outcomes and follows best practices in her work with families. She attends workshops and seminars to earn continued education credits to maintain her licensure as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and to remain current with diagnostic assessment and clinical trends. 

5/10-5/13/17: National Independent Consultant Association Conference, Denver CO

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