Archived News and Events – 2016 1st Quarter 2016 Activities

Denver Based Program Visits

1/22/16: GPS Family Consulting, Kelly Ryan presents to Sandstone Care

1/29/16: Origins Recovery Center: Rick Hubbard and Paige Thomas

2/4/16: Shadow Mountain Recovery: Mike Deneen and Jude Rudolph

2/18/16: Prakash Ellhorn: Laurie Damsky

National Program Tours

2/8/16: Benchmark, Redlands, CA

2/9/16: The Grounds Recovery, San Diego, CA

3/14/16: Genesee Lake School: Oconomowoc, WI

3/15/16: Rogers Memorial Hospital: Oconomowoc, WI

Conference and Workshop Attendance

2/10-2/13/16: National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs Conference (NATSAP): La Jolla, CA

2/16/16: GPS Family Consulting, Kelly Ryan presents at Rockstar Luncheon to Clinical Professionals: Components and variables to consider when making placement recommendations.